is an award-winning South African independent Creative Director & Sr. Designer specialising in concept development and key art design for the entertainment industry. For more than 18 years I’ve been part of some of the most prominent local films that have helped shape the industry.

How do you boil down an entire film or production’s essence into one iconic, representative image? That’s the fun challenge of developing key art that creates conversation, provides instant identification and has a lasting recall value.


I am very passionate about emphasising the importance of an aesthetically strong and effective visual marketing campaign. Coupled with this, I believe that conceptual key art has little value unless it reaches the largest, demographically targeted audience. I also develop brand identities for producers, production companies and entities that fuel the entertainment sector.

Key Art – the singular iconographic image that is the foundation upon which a film, stage production or other entertainment product’s marketing campaign is built.

one sheet is a specific size of film poster advertising. The term is also used as synonym for the poster artwork and the film poster itself.